About me

I have always had a love of healing therapies. I trained and qualified as a Reiki Master in 2013, went on to become a Hypnotherapist in 2017 and after years of further training qualified as a Counsellor in 2019. 

I spent all of my year 3 counselling placement supporting teenagers and adults within a University Technical College and was very lucky to be employed by the college for a time following this. I was privileged to work with neuro diverse teenagers e.g. with autism, ADHD

and other learning disabilities and have a good knowledge of carers, from being a carer, to spending time with young carers.


With support and encouragement I decided to pursue my dream of launching

The Healing Tree. I hope I can bring a sense of support and well being to clients as I use a very integrative and holistic approach to therapy.

How I view therapy


The Healing Tree was founded in 2020. Named 'The Healing Tree' because I really feel that a tree can describe every element of our 'well being'. Like trees we are all unique grow at different rates and have different roots. Like a tree we change throughout our lives. Sometimes in a healthy way and sometimes not so well.

In an ideal world the tree and us would have perfect roots and flourish in all seasons, but in reality this is seldom the case. We need time and space to strengthen and grow our roots and branches. The roots I liken to our subconscious mind, we may not have an immediate awareness of what is under the surface, but with time and the necessary support they become stronger and healthier.